QSE Listener Questions 5 - Queer Sex Ed Podcast: Episode 58

Jay and Sara answer more questions from you, the listeners! Questions include bondage for disabled folks, lower sex drive on SSRIs, period sex, and Fetlife tips. Also discussed: new Housing and Human Services (HHS) regulations that discriminate against LGBTQ people.

3:07 - Accountability Corner
7:08 - New "Conscience Rule" in Effect Now
19:41 - Future HHS Regulation Proposed to Allow Discrimination
29:20 - Rope Bondage and Disability
39:21 - Lower Sex Drive on SSRI Medication for Depression
56:14 - Patreon Message
58:40 - Period Sex Taboos
1:15:19 - Fetlife Tips and Navigating Kink as a Newbie

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Make a comment and learn more about new HHS guidelines at www.protecttranshealth.org






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Sara C