Abortion Laws and Crisis Pregnancy Centers (CPCs) - Queer Sex Ed Podcast: Episode 57

Sara and Jay spend this week's episode discussing the legal and political movement to outlaw abortion in the United States, including the propaganda strategy of CPCs, the history of US abortion law, the current state of abortion rights, and how you can help protect abortion access in your area.

4:44 - Accountability Corner
8:54 - Word of the Show, Crisis Pregnancy Centers (CPCs)
21:08 - Patreon Message
23:43 - Intro to Abortion Rights
26:20 - Pushing Back on Anti-Abortion Propaganda
35:55 - US History of Abortion (1800-1990s)
47:04 - TRAP Laws After PP v Casey Supreme Court Case
1:06:57 - Current State of US Abortion Rights
1:12:35 - What Can We Do to Protect Abortion Rights?

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