The Future of Trans Liberation - Queer Sex Ed Podcast: Episode 54

This is the culmination of our four-part series on transgender medicine, focused on what a trans liberation future really looks like.

What would it mean for all people to live, express, and love free from shame and the threat of violence? How can we work in solidarity with all marginalized people of intersecting identities to build a future of mutual support, honest communication, and unlimited love?

Also discussed: trans research update from Jay's conference including exciting news about HRT, fertility, PReP, and more!

2:32 - Trans Research Update of the Show!
6:57 - WPATH Changes Are a Mixed Bag
10:28 - HRT Research Updates
20:02 - PReP & HIV Prevention Research
28:16 - HRT and Fertility Study
44:18 - Public Health Updates 
58:39 - Patreon Message
1:00:31 - What Would Trans Liberation Really Be?
1:20:15 - Envisioning Revolution Without Centering Violence
1:24:53 - Trans Liberation Isn't "Genderless" It's Genderful
1:33:02 - What Does Full Bodily Autonomy Look Like?
1:37:48 - What Else Would You Be Doing?

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Sara C