Queer Sex Ed Season 2 Announcement

The Queer Sex Ed podcast will be coming back on Sunday, November 17th. We've missed you and we can't wait to come back with weekly shows for you <3

Season 2 FB image.png

Some upcoming changes to Queer Sex Ed:

More interviews!

We want to talk with other sex educators, podcasters, artists, sex workers, dungeon masters, and people pushing for intersectional social justice. We'll be reaching out to some folks who've already engaged us in working together over the last year, but if you know of someone you'd want to hear on the show email us: queersexed@gmail.com

More Listener Questions!

We want to add more listener question episodes to the release schedule to answer questions in a more timely manner and also allow for more interaction from YOU (or other folks in the audience at least, if you don't want to ask us anything). We will reach out the week before our question episodes on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to remind you for your questions and regularly keep encouraging folks through the podcast to email us at queersexed@gmail.com

More Accessible!

I will be paying for an automated transcription service that I can read-through and edit as I do my final pass on an episode to release transcripts of new episodes the same day (or next day at the latest). I'll also be working on transcripts for our back catalog of episodes, but that might take a bit longer. I know this has been a barrier to many folks accessing our content, and I apologize it has taken us so long to make it better. We have tried a few other solutions in the past, but ultimately I feel uncomfortable that I can't pay a fair wage to someone doing this work yet, and until then, I will take that labor on myself.

Things that won't change:

Our wide ranging topics!

Queer Sex Ed has always been about context, history, and uprooting bigotry that hides beneath the surface of a topic or current event. We will continue to cover issues of intersectional social justice, political power, media bias, and bigotry in all its forms.

Our anti-racist, anti-fascist, anti-capitalist framework!

Sexual liberation can never be fully realized while we also live in a racist, classist, ableist, queer/transphobic society. For people to be free in their sexuality and gender, they must also be free from police violence, incarceration, poverty, surveillance, lacking basic resources, and all forms of abuse. When we fight these forces, we are also fighting for the sex positive, queer positive, trans positive future we want to see.

Our long episodes!

We love to dive deep on issues, cover topics from multiple angles, and provide historical context on anything we discuss. Sometimes this means our episodes go over 90 minutes. We try and keep discussions under 2 hours (mostly because that approaches our limit of talking), but ultimately we want to create this show to be an archive, a resource shared for years, and a high-quality collection of content that each stand alone as something that could be offered as a lesson by a teacher, shared by a friend, or listened to on a road trip without the need to listen in order.

Our Listener-Funded Model!

Queer Sex Ed has never accepted money to promote/endorse a product or service and we will be keeping it that way. We are so grateful for your Patreon support, which insures I (Sara) can continue editing the show, managing the social media, keeping up the website, and providing in-person sex education workshops. We'll keep it simple with a $5 Patreon pledge gaining you entry into our monthly drawing for a t-shirt or tote bag.

Any amount above that you can pledge to support the show is GREATLY appreciated and makes a difference every day, but there won't be any higher tiers of rewards for now (aside from the reward of helping this work continue). That means we'll be discontinuing the $25 Patreon reward where listeners could share a message once a month. No one really used it anyway and we haven't had a request in months. If you're at the $25 level right now, nothing will change for you, other than no longer having the option to send us a monthly message. You can definitely still pledge at any level you'd like.

Sara C