Bisexual is Not Transphobic and Other Responses to Memes - Queer Sex Ed Podcast: Episode 28

This week we talked about a few different topics that have been in community conversation lately, but part of a much longer history: bisexual, pansexual, omnisexual, and polysexual as sexual identities are not transphobic. We also discuss how dating preferences are informed by cis white heteropatriarchy, challenging your own assumptions, and dealing with the difference between a bigoted preference and a response to past trauma.

(As a side note, we recorded this before the hoax campaign to "drop the B" was started by 4chan and spread by other false social media accounts, but yeah... that's crap and don't share it or give them any more spotlight than it takes to debunk the memes when you see them on a friend's wall.)

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Sara C