QSE Workshops


Hello! My name is Sara and I have been a sexual health and LGBTQ educator for 8 years. I began as a freshman in college with our school's Community Health department, then as a full-time professional for a year after graduation. Once that grant position was completed, I found a job doing education for local businesses and nonprofits on how to better support LGBTQ clients, patrons, volunteers, and employees. 

In my professional life, I now conduct workplace and school workshops about LGBTQ communities and allyship for businesses, non-profits, and conferences. I am based in Colorado, but willing to travel anywhere or do consultation work via Email and Skype.

I am an experienced public speaker and educator who excels in delivering participation-based, activity-focused training that engages people on all levels of learning. I have many years of expertise in presenting on LGBTQ workplace acceptance, however I am also able to speak about social media strategy, communication, and intersectional issues of social justice.

You can watch one of my conference talks below discussing how we can "queer" sexual education. You can also find my prices for one-time training, contracts for continued training, and individual sessions below. Feel free to email me at queersexed@gmail.com if you have any questions! 

Workshops by QSE:

Click here to submit a workshop request form for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer training for your workplace, school, church, etc.

Workshop fee (1.5 hours, up to 50 people): $450 per session

Training contracts are $360 (20% savings) if they are all paid for at once. Renewing for a second year saves 30% instead of 20% 

Contract training prices (1 year minimum commitment required to receive 20% reduced price per training)

Every month: $4,320 (best for regularly hiring or big workplaces like school districts, retail, marijuana businesses, etc. Workshops on contract can all be at different locations.)
Every 3 months: $1,440
Every 6 months: $720

Click here to request Sara to speak at a conference and/or conduct workshops including travel outside of Colorado.

Conference speaking fee: $1,000 + travel & lodging covered or reimbursed

Click here to reserve a one-on-one, couples, or group session with Sara to learn about ethical communication, discuss polyamory, learn from guided workshop lessons, and/or explore negotiated BDSM activities.

One-on-One sessions for Kink/BDSM/Polyamory workshops and guided activities start at $300 an hour for one-on-one work, $400 an hour for couples, and $500 an hour for groups of 3 and above.

These sessions do not include sexual contact of any kind, but they may include nudity, cuddling, non-sexual touch, teasing, watching porn together, and sampling of kink activities (rope, wax dripping, flogging, spanking, whipping, sensory deprivation, and other negotiable activities), however there is never any expectation that they have to include those activities. Please be honest and direct asking for what you want, and I will offer the same courtesy in my replies. 

If you will only be able to participate in any of these workshops with a reduced price, and you also hold one or more marginalized identities, please email me at queersexed@gmail.com to let me know what a realistic, affordable price would be for you.

It never hurts to ask, as long as you are also okay with possibly hearing that I won't be able to offer my services for that price.